Horizon Opportunities, Inc. believes that every individual deserves access to world class behavioral health services and a bright future where they can pursue independent living, community participation and economic self-sufficiency.

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Horizon Behavioral Health’s funding is comprised of 21% direct government contribution and 79% other revenues. Horizon Opportunities, Inc. revolves around a core group of values that brings together essential elements to support the programs and opportunities provided by Horizon Behavioral Health. All efforts by Horizon Opportunities, Inc. support these five pillars:

World Class

Believe that every individual deserves world class behavioral health services


Promote the respect, dignity and self-worth of every individual

Evidence Based

Support Horizon Behavioral Health’s evidence-based programming for mental health, substance use and intellectual disabilities

Community Partnerships

Establish community partners that recognize the importance of a continuum of care that keeps people in the community

Remove Barriers

Remove shortfalls in funding to sustain innovation, exceptional programming and operations